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Address:1000 Fifth Avenue


Main Phone Number:(212) 535 - 7710

City:New York

State:New York

Country:United States


Metropolitan Area:New York

Short Description:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which includes its Main Building on Fifth Avenue and The Cloisters museum and gardens in northern Manhattan,...

Total Meeting Space:2000000 (in square feet)

Property Brand:The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sales Fax:212-570-3965

Meeting Rooms:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded on April 13, 1870, to be located in the City of New York, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in said city a Museum and library of art, of encouraging and developing the study of the fine arts, and the application of arts to manufacture and practical life, of advancing the general knowledge of kindred subjects, and, to that end, of furnishing popular instruction.


Since its founding in 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been renowned not only for its unparalleled collections, but also for its grand physical space, located on Fifth Avenue at the edge of Central Park. The Museum offers unique entertaining opportunities with special access to the galleries when it is closed to the public. Entertaining at the Metropolitan Museum is a privilege reserved for its Corporate Patrons and eligible nonprofit organizations. For its Corporate Patrons, membership benefits and entertaining opportunities reflect the level of a company's gift to the Museum and include: Entertaining opportunities when the Museum is closed to the public Opportunity to host events in the Museum's private dining rooms Customized tours of the Metropolitan, including exhibitions Use of the private Members Dining Room and Patrons Lounge Increased access for employees to the Museum The Museum's many spaces provide the perfect location for any event, from large receptions to intimate dinners. The Office of Special Events is available to assist with every detail, from menus and musicians to place settings and flowers, creating memorable events for your organization and its guests. Select a room from the following list for images and details about the incomparable settings available for events within New York's premier cultural institution.

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The Met's permanent collection is cared for and exhibited by seventeen separate curatorial departments, each with a specialized staff of curators and scholars, as well as four dedicated conservation departments and a department of scientific research.

Beginning in the late 19th century, the Met started to acquire ancient art and artifacts from the Near East. From a few cuneiform tablets and seals, the Mets collection of Near Eastern art has grown to more than 7,000 pieces. Representing a history of the region beginning in the Neolithic Period and...

The Met's Department of Arms and Armor is one of the museum's most popular collections. The distinctive "parade" of armored figures on horseback installed in the first-floor Arms and Armor gallery is one of the most recognizable images of the museum. The department's focus on outstanding craftsmansh...

Though the Met first acquired a group of Peruvian antiquities in 1882, the museum did not begin a concerted effort to collect works from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas until 1969, when American businessman and philanthropist Nelson A. Rockefeller donated his more than 3,000-piece collection to th...

Though other departments contain significant numbers of drawings and prints, the Drawings and Prints department specifically concentrates on North American pieces and western European works produced after the Middle Ages. Currently, the Drawings and Prints collection contains more than 17,000 drawin...