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Address:660 Peachtree Street Northeast


Main Phone Number:(404) 881 - 2100



Country:United States

Fax:(404) 872-2972

Metropolitan Area:GEORGIA

Short Description:

The historic Fox Theatre is one of Atlanta’s premiere venues for live entertainment.

Total Meeting Space:6000 (in square feet)

Property Brand:Fox Threater

Meeting Rooms:

Created as an outreach program by Atlanta's fabulous Fox Theatre - an iconic attraction widely applauded for being a catalyst for positive change in the community - FTI pays it forward, helping other cultural institutions renew, reinvigorate, and restore artistic vitality in their backyard and beyond. Keeping environmental and economic impact top of mind, FTI offers the financial assistance, restoration support, and operations mentoring needed to leverage scarce resources and stimulate local economies. Not only that, but it keeps the artistic pulse of beloved communities beating for decades to come.


Today, the Fox is priceless, and would be impossible to rebuild. The discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922 launched a worldwide fascination with Egyptian décor. The results can be seen interwoven with the Moorish décor of the Fox. The theatre's enormous Bedouin canopy overhang is really a work of plaster and steel rods that not only serves as ornamentation, but also as an acoustical funnel to project sound to the rear of the house. The Fox Theatre can seat up to 4,678 patrons. The beguiling sky is actually a vaulted ceiling painted ultramarine blue. The twinkling stars are 11-watt bulbs fixed above three-inch crystals. The drifting clouds are produced by a special projector. The Fox Theatre ballrooms have hosted receptions and special events for visiting ambassadors, noted U.S. politicians, and internationally acclaimed dignitaries. An estimated 750,000 people visit the Fox Theatre every year. Until 1995, coal was used to heat the steam boilers in case of emergency. The Fox still houses the original steam boilers today. The Fox Theatre was one of the earliest air conditioned buildings in the country, even preceding the White House. The Fox Theatre serves more than four and a half tons of popcorn each year.

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When the Fox Theatre first opened, the local newspaper described it as having, “a picturesque and almost disturbing grandeur beyond imagination”. It remains a showplace that impresses theatre-goers to this day. The principal architect of the project was Olivier Vinour of the firm Marye, Alger an...

Egyptian Ballroom Step back in time to the opulent splendor of the Egyptian Pharaohs or into the mystique of a Middle Eastern palace. The Egyptian Ballroom and the Grand Salon are lavishly decorated with sweeping columns and ornamentation creating the perfect setting for wedding and receptions, c...

Surrounded by opulence, this 30-person hospitality suite will provide guests with the ultimate 1929 movie palace experience. Red velvet banquets, Moroccan tiled floors and walls, gold leaf, and mosaics all envelop your guests the moment they enter. Combined with the Fox Theatre's renowned custome...

the Fox features a four manual (or keyboard) 42-rank pipe organ nicknamed the "Mighty Mo". It was custom built for the Fox by M. P. Möller, Inc. in 1929 in Hagerstown, Maryland. With 3,622 pipes, it is the second-largest theatre organ in the country, behind the Wurlitzer at Radio City Music Hall in...

On-Going Furniture Conservation at the Fox Hand-selected by Eve Fox, wife of movie mogul William Fox, and manufactured in 1929 by Ketcham & Rothschild, the Fox’s collection of original furniture has withstood a good deal of wear and tear over the years, yet appears much as it would have in 1929...